What we provide to DMD Hub Sites

The DMD Hub can provide your site with the tools and support you need to increase your capacity for DMD clinical trials.

Our support will enable you to recruit staff who are dedicated to your DMD clinical trial. Our tools promote a common approach to conducting clinical trials at sites in the UK. This accelerates the set-up process which is appealing to industry. 

Resources - Toolkit

The DMD Hub ToolKit is a repository of information developed in collaboration with key opinion leaders and expert centres.  

The ToolKit includes standard operating procedures, protocols, manuals and check-sheets. It enables new sites to learn from past experiences and harness the knowledge amassed in the DMD clinical research field.


Support and Facilitation

The DMD Hub is exploring an innovative funding practice called a tapered funding model.

This would mean that Duchenne UK supplies the initial funding for the DMD Hub site on the understanding that the institution will then provide future funding to continue developing as a DMD Hub site.