Nicholas Emery

Neuromuscular Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist

I qualified from Keele University in 2005 with a first in physiotherapy.  I started work at the Neuromuscular Centre in Winsford, Treating and managing adults with NMD.  This involved a range of interventions from stretching programmes, musculoskeletal assessments and treatment through to hydrotherapy and exercise prescription.

In 2009 I started work at the RJAH Orthopaedic Hospital working alongside Dr Quinlivin as part of the NMD MDT.  This again involved management of adults with NMD but now also paediatric patients. In addition, my role expanded to include being involved in NMD research trials.  I also worked in two further departments; Orthotic Research and Locomotion Assessment Unit (ORLAU), a specialist department assessing abnormal gait and provision of various interventions to improve functional walking. The other department was Alice Ward, this work involved the treatment and rehabilitation of paediatric patients with a range of conditions; CP, NMD, chronic pain, CFS etc.

I have undertaken further study at Keele University obtaining a Post Grad Diploma (physio) in 2012.  I have attended a variety of external conferences concerned with the care and management of NMD patients.